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Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves by Ed Regis


Everybody has heard of genetic engineering: we devour engineered foods, we take medicine made in engineered bacteria and yeast, and one day soon could pressure our automobiles on fuel produced via engineered microorganisms. Regenesis is the story of the place these technologies came from, and where they’re going, told by the man top the revolution: Harvard genetics professor George Church.

While conventional genetic engineering introduces modifications to an organism a couple of genes at a time, genomic engineering introduces adjustments on a wholesale basis, allowing for unheard of feats of synthetic biological engineering. (The methodology, referred to as MAGE, used to be invented through the author.) In Regenesis, Church argues for the great possible of this know-how, now not handiest to make current organisms extra helpful, however for inventing totally new species—bacterial, animal, and human. It promises to be a ordinary future, with biohackers building organisms of their garages, firms manufacturing toolkits of DNA elements for developing residing machines, and far else.

Researchers have already managed to get microbes to supply jet fuel, fuel, and electrical energy. And even vaccines, drugs, and industrial chemical compounds (“green chemistry”). They can reprogram bacteria to metabolize greenhouse gases and convert them into harmless, even really helpful elements. Nonetheless, implausible as they would possibly seem, these exploits are minor advances compared to the catalog of wonders that full-blown genomic engineering will make that you can imagine, from resurrecting woolly mammoths and different extinct organisms to developing replicate lifestyles forms proof against disease.

The upward thrust of synthetic biology marks a basic transformation in the relationship between biology and nature. When humans can control the genetic makeup of organisms to the extent foreseen by means of artificial biologists, nature will not be the exclusive arbiter of life, dying, and evolution. Regenesis finds what this no longer to this point off future will look like.

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